Jhankaar – The beat of LPU

Founded in 2013, Jhankaar-The Beat of LPU is continuously working effectively and efficiently. Each year we conduct workshops, events and competitions on a big scale. We have been promoted every year since 2013 and now we are a TIER-4 organization of Lovely Professional University. Congratulations to all the team members of Jhankaar, and huge THANKS to each and everyone who has supported us to reach this milestone.


Using definite and chic way strategies, we aim at better and enhanced Student Skills. Our aim is to "Preserve Cultural Heritage of India as well as of World" and at the same time we shape 'Leaders'.


Our members having full professional way of tackling abstruse situations, event. Truly The Brand of Jhankaar-The Beat of LPU are it's professional and skillful graduates that it produces every year.


Anyone can do more than anything, If there is no one tell him or her " You cannot do it". The biggest enemy of people lives inside them only, failures always leads to great success but people who always say- "I can't do it" always fails.